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HR Consulting

HR Consulting

Each organization’s success and greatness significantly contribute toward effective and professional management of its human resources. We can help you implement several types of HR projects like:

  • Performance management systems
  • Employee benefits
  • Social audits
  • Human resources strategies
  • Shaping corporate culture
  • Change management
  • Leadership development
  • Education and development systems
  • Talent management
  • Succession planning
  • Outplacement and more
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Recruiting Services

Recruiting Services

The cornerstone of our success in attracting and selecting candidates is the appropriate combination of internal and external data resources, including an extensive internal database, taking a proactive approach to the labor market and opting for the right method that respects each project’s specifications and the professionalism of our consultants.

We’ll endeavor to find you the most suitable candidates. Candidates meet with us personally and after we consider them (looking at their professionality, personality, together with our psychodiagnostic staffing tools), we’ll send you the profiles of candidates that best meet your expectations.

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Interim Management

Interim Management

Our database has hundreds of managers with experience at various seniority levels with backgrounds in various market sectors.

Interim management could be simply characterized as hiring an experienced manager to handle jobs and tasks directly at your company which you and the manager have agreed to tackle. An interim manager operates on an agency contract, frequently enabling a company to reach its goals more cost effectively and in less time while providing more advantageous employment.

We’d be pleased to introduce you to interim manager candidates ready to assist you as project managers, crisis managers and department managers, or in restructurings, managing changes and starting your own business. A new manager will then be coached to meet your expectations so the presence of an interim manager will no longer be necessary.

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Psychodiagnostics and Measuring Human Potential

Psychodiagnostics and Measuring Human Potential

Psychodiagnostics significantly helps increase the efficiency and quality of human resources management.


Since 2014, we have been a strategic partner of ITO United Change and SHL in Slovakia.
SHL is the world leader in the measurement of human potential, which they do with globally used psychodiagnostic tools directly linked to the working environment. They measure the preferred style of behavior, skills and potential of individuals.

SHL tools can be used for recruiting staff and also to identify key areas where your employees can develop competence and manage talent. We’ll be glad to help you hire staff quicker and with more precise requirements, maximize staff performance and effectiveness, identify leaders and talents, streamline processes for developing such employees and planning their careers, and raise the quality of these processes.

Based on the reason for measuring staff, you can choose from a variety of questionnaires and tests (working environment, specific testing requirements, reviewing motivation and others). The reports themselves can be tailored to a meet a particular client’s needs. Currently, we offer several kinds of relevant outputs that vary in form, detail, focus and links to other information.

Preferred working environment behavior is defined by competence. We offer a universal competency model, based on global research involving hundreds of these models. It allows key competencies essential for positions in a specific company to be identified. The model can be used in any selection process, appraisal or professional development plan.


This unique methodology was created right here by Consilium Consulting.
The typology is original and based on well-known personality typologies that are expressed as a symbolism of human traits using the four elements (fire, air, earth, water), something which can be easily grasped. Symbols are more than words, than color, than what are attributed to them. Symbols involve intrinsic value and the meaning behind what they symbolize. Symbols additionally convey depth, a dimension that in history has been expressed in myths. It can speak a metaphorical language. That’s what makes it great.

Typology can also be communicated in a validated questionnaire, as well as through our own unique training programs. We don’t just follow a basic typology; we convey the characteristics of individual elements to take not only temperament into account, but also other personality dimensions such as proactivity and reactivity. The basic elements are uniquely linked to five elements, which our trainers, psychologists and coaches actively employ.

This methodology is used by us to develop programs that focus, for example, on self-knowledge and personality typology, communication, leading and motivating coworkers, establishing a corporate culture, business and marketing, coaching, team coaching and more.


Our diagnostic services and advice include standardized psychodiagnostic tests and questionnaires to put together the most appropriate battery of tests to cover our customers’ needs, exactly according to their specified requirements and criteria.

A component in staff assessment is also assessment center and development center services to help accurately and effectively evaluate assumptions involved in natural and authentic situations. Scenarios are created and adapted to the needs of our clients, aiming to examine the specific competencies critical for administering of high-quality employee performance.


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