Read what our clients and candidates say.

„For me personally, the added value of cooperation with Consilium Consulting is in a common view and understanding of the bank´s strategy and critical needs for change, such as culture and leadership. In addition to consulting, our cooperation was also very intensive in the field of selection and implementation of AC and DC for B-1 positions as well as the development of board members. During the selection process candidates were always presented who not only fulfilled the requirements, but also brought something extra. Also, thanks to our cooperation, we managed to fill in the key positions and thus contribute to the overall results and success of the bank.

When introducing strategic changes, it is necessary to have a partner on your side who accompanies you in your role with his experience, professional approach a new perspective. And this partner Consilium Consulting really is.”

Zuzana Poláková MSc.
Lead Culture & Leadership, Erste Group, Austria, Former Head of Employee Experience SLSP a.s.

„We have been cooperating with Consilium Consulting for almost 9 years in the area of headhunting and personnel consultancy.
I have always been satisfied with the cooperation. The cooperation was very positively evaluated, especially because of an individual approach and very professional communication.
I also appreciate the diplomacy and ethical approach Consilium Consulting has always demonstrated.”

Dominika Miklášová
HR Director, Edenred Slovakia, s. r. o.

„My cooperation with Consilium Consulting last over 12 years and Consilium always respond very flexibly to our requirements in occupying of key managerial and expert positions. Consilium always presented high quality candidates. I am glad that is also reflecting on demanding projects like healthcare. Thank you!”

Marek Duban
Generálny riaditeľ / CEO, ProCare, a.s., Svet Zdravia, a.s.

„Good afternoon to Consilium Consulting. Today I had the honor to attend a personal interview (not a job interview) in your company. Since I have recently attended several meetings, even in personal agencies, I have a rare chance to compare. Therefore, allow me this short feedback. I finally experienced professional personal interview with your colleague Adriana Skalková, who invited me to the meeting, even though she knew that as to my documentation I will probably not be a suitable candidate for the specific position. Adriana dynamically, efficiently and carefully led the entire personal interview. In her feedback I noticed that she correctly identified my profile. I wish you a lot of success! I support people and companies who do things with right commitment, motivation and professionalism! Thank you! P.S. Finally a small detail – already at the front desk they knew who I came to see, which also appeals very positive (at least to me…).”

Ing. Ondrej Tomčišák

„We have been cooperating with Consilium Consulting for almost 10 years in the area of headhunting, personnel consulting, outplacement programs, diagnostics and education. Their high level of professionalism, knowledge of the market, not only of the financial and banking sector, but also other sectors in Slovakia and abroad, is a mark of the highest quality. They have managed to find for us the key candidates for the local and sub-regional job positions and can exactly capture not just the profile but also the “cultural” fit into our company.”

Hana Várošiová
Head of HR, MetLife Slovakia

„I see Consilium Consulting and Vlado Koša as career guidance and development professionals. We’ve worked with them for over 10 years and the company has given me a high-quality outlook on the labor market. They’ve assisted me personally in my career shift, while I gained a knowledgeable and highly professional analysis of my potential and a development plan for myself as a person. I have worked almost 20 years in the financial sector and still need, and will need, an independent point of view from such a company on market trends and requirements, and where the market is heading. I’m standing pat with the company and looking forward to more years of cooperation.”

Vladimír Fábry
Sales Director and Board Member, Global Finance

„Mr. Koša from Consilium Consulting has perfect knowledge of the market, and in my more than 15 years in HR I consider him to be one of the best headhunters and career counselors I have ever met. In addition to expertise, he’s a person who holds on to moral values and principles, both in his personal and business life, and this matters to him more than profits. He and his company Consilium Consulting are always my number one choice.”

Soňa Machatová
HR Manager, Gana Trade

„I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to take advantage of the services at Consilium Consulting when I was having a personality crisis and thinking about quitting. Right from the start, the pleasant atmosphere and professionalism among the staff was welcoming. At several meetings, I completed different activities to help me discover my own potential, my strengths and weaknesses, and I again discovered inside of me the desire to work and develop.

After receiving career guidance, I had a clear idea of the direction I wanted to take in my career.

I’d highly recommend anyone who can’t decide how to go forward to use Consilium Consulting’s career guidance services.”

Monika Eckerová
Account Analyst, Swiss Re

„Regarding Consilium Consulting, I would rate them positively for their overview of Slovak financial institutions. Their many years in the market have allowed them to create a network of contacts among both employers and employees. In addition, they have very good knowledge about processes at financial institutions, which enables them to find the “perfect match” in filling positions.”

Dušan Pivka
Head of Investments, Kooperativa

„Over the many years of cooperation, Vlado Koša from Consilium Consulting has become my partner in discussions about the job market, where it was going, how skills sought by the market were changing and also what skills were no longer needed, and what it all means for Tatra Banka, for me as a human resources manager and me as Braňo Vargic. With his professional recruitment and executive search experience, he’s always given me a multidimensional and, in particular, different point of view on how the market sees me as a professional, as well as how I should look at certain things in regard to my further development from another perspective, and he has been discreet and kept our conversations confidential in my own reflections on “what next”.”

Branislav Vargic
M&A Program Manager, Raiffeisenbank Czech Republic, President HRcomm and previously HR manager at Tatra Banka

“I’d like to highlight the professional and friendly approach taken by Ms. Prevužňáková, the consultant who helpfully gave me full information about the position and company.” Consilium Consulting let me get a new job opportunity. Thank you for your help.”

Ing. Lenka Šuhajdová

„I’ve been satisfied with Consilium Consulting’s psychodiagnostics and consulting services, which are highly professional and yet at a human level.

I was surprised how much their diagnostics and recommendations for personal and professional development of me and my subordinates coincided with reality.”

Stanislava Luptáková
Regional Manager RR&MC North, OTP Bank Slovensko, a.s.

„I value very much my experience with Consilium Consulting. The company’s staff always acts with appropriate respect and professionalism, yet there’s always a feeling of them taking a positive approach to candidates and being willing to help and give advice. In particular, I would like to give credit to Ms. Drevenáková, who put me at ease and yet was professional at my interview with her. And from that I was able to succeed and find my dream job.”

Veronika Jamrichová
Fincentrum, a.s.

„I can recommend Consilium Consulting and especially Vladimír Koša to anyone seeking to build their careers. His professional and individual approach to every candidate lets him suggest exactly a suitable position and blaze a career path.”

Beata Prigancová
Director, Sales Support and Management, Poštová banka

„It’s very rare for me to have been inspired by a contractor. However, Consilium Consulting has continually thrived and their customer orientation is quite truly world class. Their ability and patience to listen to clients and find out what they really need, their tireless efforts time and again to find solutions that meet the needs of their clients, their flexibility in designing solutions for their clients and last, but not least their will to go not just the extra mile, but two or three more, while not asking anything extra just because it would take more man-days. Really inspirational.”

Branislav Vargic
M&A Program Manager, Raiffeisenbank Czech Republic, President HRcomm and previously HR manager at Tatra Banka

„Consilium helps us select staff for managerial and key positions, while in education and psychodiagnostics we’ve been very satisfied with their services and I can only recommend them.”

Dušan Gálik
HR Director, Saint-Gobain Construction Products

„Consilium Consulting is a company that it has been a pleasure for us to work with while seeking candidates. Their consultation and advice saves the customer time and money. A common setting for expectations, requirements and an appropriate candidate profile are the advantages we get from correct recruiting and cooperation with Consilium Consulting.”

Miroslav Chovan
Managing Director, Genertel

„OTP Bank Slovakia, a.s. has been working with Consilium since 2010 in human resources as well as deepening skills and training staff. The selection of candidates for vacant managerial and non-managerial positions has been highly professional.

Training activities conducted by the company in sales and management skills and coaching for the retail branch and corporate networks have been assessed by the bank as one of the best in the market.

We’re looking forward to further cooperation!”

Zita Zemková
Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO, OTP Banka Slovensko

„We’ve successfully worked with Consilium Consulting in recruiting people and training them for several years, and I value their professional approach and them having built a wide network of contacts in Slovakia’s financial sector. Their assessment of candidates’ personality profiles and setting up of competency models to select the right candidates to fill positions also has high added value “

Jozef Adamkov
CEO, Wuestenrot

„We’ve been associated with Consilium Consulting for a number of years. They respond promptly to our requirements and have an excellent overview of the labor market. When filling positions, we can rely on them to run it smoothly.”

Zuzana Nagyová
HR Senior Generalist, Tatra Banka

„We’ve been cooperating with Consilium Consulting for several years. In candidate selection, we’ve had excellent experience and value the professional and responsible approach and pace of negotiations. We positively recognize Consilium’s job market expertise and its consultants are experts able to provide advise even in internal HR matters and to come up with creative solutions. The quality of the candidates they supply always matches up with the specified requirements and takes the bank’s corporate culture into account. We value their ability to fill even the most challenging jobs.”

Miroslava Jandorfová
Headquarters Manager of Human Resources and Organization, Sberbank Slovensko

„I’ve known Consilium Consulting ever since it was born. I’ve had experience as a client in banking and in pharmaceuticals, and also as a job candidate.

The company’s been around for ten years and even as the quality of the services and products it offers still remain high, it’s constantly working on developing itself. Its high added value is the professional, honest and ethical approach taken by the company’s managers, which gives clients 100% confidence. I have cooperated with dozens of companies in my position as HR manager, although only a few have ever shown continuously growing quality. Consilium Consulting is definitely one of them. They follow the latest executive search trends and in recent years psychodiagnostics, too. Its high quality staffing consultants are a guarantee of always successful projects.”

Soňa Machatová
HR Manager, Gana Trade, a.s.

„The biggest value added to the measurement in psychodiagnostics, which my colleagues and I completed, was an objective interpretation by Ms. Drevenáková of the outcomes and their links to a person’s concrete nature. When we initially read the output, there was a tendency by us not to trust it. After it was explained to us, the meaning became clear and we consider it the right path to self-development and for us working in it.”

Ľuboš Kováč
Regional Branch Network Director, Tatra Banka

„I want to thank Consilium Consulting for their professional service and for what they provided me to secure a new job in the spring of 2016. Particularly, I would like to highlight the work Mr. Sirota did. His serious approach highly outshines the competition I had previously experienced. I recommend him to anyone seeking a job in middle or senior management. I’d like to thank them one more time and look forward to working with them further.”

Slavomír Kollár

„I appreciate the individual, positive approach taken toward customers and the high professionalism of all the staff at Consilium Consulting.”

Jozef Škrabala
Director, SunSoft

„We’ve been cooperating with Consilium Consulting for six years now. We consider them partners providing an exceptionally high standard of services, incredibly accommodating and extremely able to respond flexibly to our requirements. Thank you for the candidates you’ve recommended to us, who actually result from the excellent work you’ve done in the selection process!”

Monika Kalenichenko
HR Specialist, OTP Banka Slovensko

“Professionalism, expertise, experience and the human approach Mr. Branislav Sirota takes are what makes Consilium Consulting a strong and stable partner in the job market. Personally, I especially value outstanding talent listening and putting matters into perspective and comprehensively.

This is a skill that is nowadays effectively joining supply and demand in the labor market so that both sides are always satisfied.”

Branislav Boháčik
Senior BAO Consultant, IBM Slovakia, a.s.

„I’ve been working together with Consilium Consulting for several years and can testify to the quality of the services they provide, whether I’ve used them to seek a potential job candidate or when they’ve asked me to work with them as a company representative in filling new jobs.

Their approach is quite client-oriented, highly professional and open. Likewise, the company’s method of communicating with both their clients and candidates suits me. They are qualified professionals who enjoy giving advice and providing their know-how.

“I can only recommend Consilium Consulting s.r.o.”

Elena Moravčíková

„I can only recommend Consilium Consulting. I would describe the approach of Ms. Prevužňáková as very professional and discrete! Appointments for meetings and interviews take place with no fuss and maximum helpfulness. When I changed jobs, even my new colleagues and particularly the HR manager confirmed my experience. Thank you very much!”

Pavel Hollý
Account Executive, Aon Risk Solutions

„Our company’s been very intimately and successfully working for many years with Consilium Consulting. Even when our requirements were quite specific, they were always able in a short time to provide us with the right candidates that had the desired qualifications.

Consilium Consulting is distinguished by its high degree of professionalism and strong focus on meeting defined targets, things where they are significantly different from their competitors.

Indeed, we can highly recommend this company and will definitely be utilizing their services when searching for new staff in the future. They have yet to disappoint us.”

Rudolf Jurík

„I’ve had experience with Consilium for more than ten years. We’ve worked with them both in selecting candidates, psychodiagnostics and education. What I would like to highlight is their professional, responsible and above all personal approach to solving tasks and taking on assignments. The staff at Consilium have a very strong knowledge of the local market and they often know the candidates in person, which is something very valuable especially in selecting for senior positions.”

Rastislav Murgaš
Board Director and former CEO, Sberbank Slovensko

„I can rate our cooperation with Consilium Consulting, s.r.o. only positively. They were very welcoming and helpful, taking a professional approach and being flexible. They were able to find appropriate candidates that met our needs. Communication with them was smooth and problem free. At the same time, I was pleased with the professional level of service they provided. I can just recommend this agency to others.”

Danica Poltárska
Office Manager, Aon Risk Solutions

„We’ve been very satisfied as a client with Consilium Consulting because they provide customized quality and professional services. Most of all I appreciate the proactive approach their consultants always take in searching for candidates.

From my own experience, I’d definitely recommend Consilium Consulting to other companies looking for a professional approach in recruitment that results in filling positions with the right candidates.”

Andrea Vajcíková
Leasing Accountant & HR Coordinator, XEROX LIMITED, o.z.

„We are quite demanding in the selection of staff and their ongoing education. Consilium has been meeting our criteria for years, supplying us with quality people, including psychodiagnostics and training and development services.

Their staff is professional to us, while remaining human, open and guiding our colleagues from the hiring stage to appointment to management positions.

We’ve been using their services in all our company’s departments, and I can say this is why we’re still number one in Slovakia.”

Jaroslav Šouc
Direct Sales Manager, Konica Minolta Slovakia

„Mr. Sirota at Consilium Consulting was filling a vacancy at an international bank some time ago when he approached me with an offer to become a candidate for the job. Although in the end the position was given to another candidate, the professional demeanor, expert advice and great experience Mr. Sirota provided in executive searching convinced me that employment agencies do have people who understand their job and thoroughly represent both sides – job providers and those interested in the positions.”

Slavomír Ťurek
Managing Consultant, Basic Cube

„Consilium Consulting is a reliable partner, both in executive searches and other HR work. We especially value their client-friendly approach and appreciate their pleasant, highly qualified staff. If you’re looking a serious HR business partner, we’d highly recommend working with them.”

Eva Hatiarová

„I’ve recruited staff through Consilium Consulting for more than 10 years and I believe our cooperation with them has been very successful. Through Consilium I was able to fill a number of positions with candidates of a very high quality, such as in business and management as well as specialists and technicians.

My satisfaction with Consilium is evidenced by the fact that I’m still using their services even with the changes that have happened in my career and professional life.

If I had to describe Consilium Consulting in a nutshell, I would very simply say that they are reliable professionals.

Marián Hlasný
Sales & Operations Manager Slovakia, Xerox

„Consilium Consulting is a company which we’ve been actively involved with the longest in recruitment, executive search and outplacement. They have cooperated with our firm for more than 10 years. I see their greatest added value as the very good knowledge of the labor market they have and related quality in placement. Their high degree of professionalism in dealing with clients and pursuit of individual-based premium service are what sets them apart.”

Miriam Švábová
Department Head and Manager, HR Business Partners, Tatra Banka

„As part of my personal development, I decided to seek the career guidance offered by Consilium Consulting. Their techniques, tailored to my needs, helped uncover answers to the questions I’d been grappling with. I appreciate the professional and at the same time human approach the advisor took to provide me with incentives for my professional and private life.”

Lucia Famčiková
HR specialist, Henkel