News from our Psychodiagnostics Division

“We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the project to have our MQ
Motivational Questionnaire validated by CEB-SHL, an internationally recognized
psychodiagnostic company. The questionnaire will be fully available in autumn 2016.
Test your employees and learn about the driving force toward reaching your business
targets!!! Many of our long-standing clients and new associates have been successfully
involved in the validation project. Together, we have conducted testing across different
sectors (finance, pharmaceutical industry, civil engineering, health, IT and more). Thank
you for your fantastic cooperation.

This year we have successfully interpreted in Slovakia over 300 OPQ questionnaires and
variations of these reports (for management, business, universal competence and for
use in recruitment and education). Accordingly, we have this month created competency
models for several companies, helping them to incorporate the models into their HR

Zuzana Drevenáková